Roadwork: General basic education

Provides certificates for APV step 1.1 and APV level 1

810 kr

Priser visas exkl. moms.

Om utbildningen

This course gives you the general basic knowledge (in accordance with APV step 1.1 and APV level 1) which is a requirement for anyone who in their work is present at some form of roadwork site. This is regardless of your task and even if you are only there temporarily.

If in your work you are only affected by traffic to a lesser extent, for example when tunneling or during some bridge constructions, this course may be sufficient.

But most often it is required that you also build on with additional skills, for instance if you will drive any form of vehicle in your job, or if you are going to do any work at a work zone with passing vehicle traffic. In these cases one of our combined courses may be a good choice for you. They will soon be available in English as well!

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